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The Ultimate List of an Improved YouTube Appearance

YouTube UI / UX

UI and UX are prone to change.

This game will go on with a feedback loop. Every change you need to go with will be put on for feedback from millions of people or from the core team simply “beta testers” then those feedback comes to quality check and make those changes with trending UI and improving the UX. Now the topic is about YouTube. Many of the population will love YT, right? Why not that is a primary school to many students, primary entertainment source, major source for money making. So the UI changes for this platform is necessary and making improvements in UX. Let’s go into the changes of the appearance of the platform as a gift to us of their 17th birthday.

First “Happy Birthday YouTube” 🎂🥳🎉

The changes:

01.Color splash:

Now the YT has added more “Vibrancy”. They did dynamic color sampling and with the feedback, imposed this. Also from now the background of the YouTube will match the video. Isn’t it cool?

02.Dark Theme:

When you go on to the dark mode the ambient mode is automatically enabled.

The dark theme also got darker than before. Now the viewer experience will be more rolling out, and truly popping out on the screens from the web, smartphones and smart TV’s.

03.Play list:

Being a youtuber every person will give their great content in a proper segmented way with “Playlists”. Here for the playlists the colour will be the same, but shows more details about the playlists so that the viewer can easily hop in.

 04.Buttons in Description:

The links of the YouTube video in the description will be a button from now.


As a Graphic Designer at #hashadv (a branding company “ HashAdv ” of India) i know some colour psychology that red is majorly for a cautious attention, but not in this case, that they have used their logo colour everywhere, even though the previous subscribe button is red coloured. But now it is more contrasting and in black colour.

Also, the button is moved up so that a viewer can easily tap on subscribe now from both watch pages and channel pages. The shape is also changed to round edged corners. Every button is now minimized.


“The subscribe button is standing out now” – Which is a perfect update. 👏

06.Frequent actions:

Like, Share and Download buttons are now minimized and also made contrasting and standing

out positions. They are less distracted now.

07.Pinch to zoom:

Mobile phones have introduced this feature earlier, like they can pinch to zoom in, after the many experiments took by the users of Youtube New the feedback says this feature is so helpful. What would be the greatest news than the feedback, just implemented that.

You know, after pinching for zoom in you can rest your fingers the remaining video will be zoomed in until you zoom out. Thanks man, I need this feature.


“This will be a great move” – #UX  🙈


08.Precise seeking:
This is not the new feature, but the thing is it comes with a row of thumbnail, so that we can now rewind or go forward while we watch the thumbnail and go on to the precise location what are we looking for. This works for mobile and desktop device.

09.Graph of frequently played movements:

Have you ever felt this, the whole video may be boring, we wait for the exact movement we are waiting for the match for the title or for the interested one. This is solved now with the graph of frequently played movements.


“Oooh…. Time saved!” – Precious 🙋


One of my favorite feature is to skip the chapter, now it become easier, from now we can just double tap with two fingers and skip the chapter. Nice?

Subscribe button UI/UX

I don’t know why these people are moving from sharp edges to round corners. First I observed this from Apple, then implemented by Microsoft and now with google.


“Sharpness died” – A thought  😮


Finally, these are the major changes they made to YouTube, are they helpful to you? Comment below.

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