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What is marketing? Savings and Marketing, do they have any relation!

What is marketing? Savings and Marketing, do they have any relation!

Market is the place where the Seller comes to sell their Product / Services and Buyer comes to buy them, this is the regular meaning of marketing. What is marketing now? What is market first? It’s the place where the Seller and the Buyer meets to transact, in this case it can be Digital or Physical. According to some companies the growth of digital transactions based on UPI were 885%, whole Phone_Pay and Paytm contributes 26% and 7% respectively. It’s in between 2018 – 2019. I think because of Corona it has increased even more.

Now point is not about selling or buying, I just think that it is about savings – 🙂
Just think you are going to sell something, you are a seller now. What you would think
1. About the Pricing Strategies
2. To reduce the travelling charges
3. Distribution channels
4. Choosing correct place 
5. Sort of Analysis
6. Your Investment vs Returns
7. Discounting options
8. Bargaining plans
9. And the list goes on
Just check those again, can you feel the intension to save? No ! I’ll show you
You go with your product / Service, only to the correct place after the analysis to save your investment, you’ll open only in trendy hours to save your time, you’ll plan for discounting to save yourself ( LOT model ). Now you can observe in everything right !
Now change your character to a Buyer, what would you do if you’re a buyer?
1. Go for costliest first
2. See the heavy discounted one
3. Compares your traveling expenses with your assumption of gaining percent
4. Check for the guarantee / durability
5. Using your psychology to get bargained
6. You’ll for the next greatest offer ( like season sale…)
7. Maximum you’ll not remove the cover of the product for some days 😀
Can you see the intension to save? Definitely “YES”  right!
— Finally I would say
Marketing ≠ Savings, but it is for savings. 
So, do market your product or service in an intent to save, like save your cost spending to sell a small thing
Example : Product price is 3/- rupees and you’re spending 2 to get profit of 1.5/- rupee, does it make sense. ( Doesn’t work in some situations – I’ll explain you later )
My word is – Market in an intent to save 

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