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What is Digital Marketing ? Does a Digital marketing agency is needed to do Digital Marketing ? How do I get started ?

What is Digital Marketing ? Does a Digital marketing agency is needed to do Digital Marketing ? How do I get started ?

Type of marketing that utilizes the internet and online based technologies ( Digital ) like Digital Media, Smart Phones, PC’s. Basically this is done to promote products and services. Digital Marketing had got a great development during the 1990s and 2000s, this changed the way of the brands and the Companies / Businesses use technology for marketing purpose.

What includes in Digital Marketing ?

Non-Linear Marketing approach

  • SMM ( Social Media Marketing )
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  • EM ( Email Marketing )
  • VM ( Video Marketing )
  • Web Marketing 
  • Paid Media
  • Blogging
Why Digital Marketing ?
To raise Brand awareness. This makes a customer / public recognize a particular Brand, ex: Nike, TATA…
Impact of brand on consumer behavior is too much. Let say you want to buy a mobile phone what would you choose in these, ( Don’t compare the quality ) 
  1. Samsung
  2. Lenovo
  3. Asus
  4. HTC
Of course you’ll go with Samsung right ! That’s what the brand awareness is. Or give this answer which advertainments you have watched many times. Samsung Now, that’s how it will work. Digital marketing makes that particular Name into a brand and make visible to the general public and make educate them regarding their product or provided services. You can go with different methods to get your Band awareness, some of them are :
  • Search Engine Optimization
It increases the visibility of your website to the targeted customer or to the general public and helps to rank your website in the rankings of the browser. It pushes your business website or the brand related content to the common industry related search queries.
  • Search Engine Marketing
Have you seen any ads when you search for something, those are called PPC / Pay Per Click, these can be also called as Search Engine Marketing. This is type of paying rent for the space taken, and the pricing would be like based on the click. The leads can be calculated as 33% of whole clicks.
  • Social Media Marketing
Are you active on social media ? Then you can easily get to know what it is about. This is marketing on social media. Have you ever noticed there is a sponsored tag for some posts, they are the Ads given based on your recent searches. Analysts says 73% of brand awareness is going on the social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and on. 
  • Content Marketing
You can’t use the same content for every business presented there. You must use the customized content for every field and for every business, 56% of market believes that customized content works. Whatever you see is a type of content, like articles, blogs, brands, social updates, videos, landing pages. Social media posting increases the brand loyalty by 88%. Isn’t that great !
Does a digital marketing agency is needed ?
It depends, see if you are familiar with the digital environment you can go on without any help. You can get the guidance from many sources from the internet. Or else you can hire one. I prefer to hire a Freelancer who had a pretty good knowledge on how these stuff works. 
How do I get started in digital marketing ?
Just be active on every social platform you see and post something on every platform under your name or the brand name with a quality content, if it is designed well, it’s great or else no problem go with text initially. But do remember this “Consistency is must” and “Don’t expect fast responses”.
That’s for this blog guys. Follow me on twitter @vidhathagoud I will be very active on twitter and Instagram. Any doubts regarding Digital Marketing DM me in social platforms I’ll definitely try to answer you ASAP.
Thank you guys, Have a great day

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