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What digital marketing you think v/s What actual digital marketing is!

What digital marketing you think v/s What actual digital marketing is!

What is digital marketing ? I have a blog about what is it, but again I wanna post this because, now everyone are being confused about what actual Digital Marketing and what is Social Media Marketing.

What you think digital marketing is ?

Posting on social media is what all about digital marketing! No, it’s absolutely wrong. Let me give you a clarification regarding SMM.

What is Social Media Marketing ?

SMM is where the scope of marketing is great. They can be used for social interactions as well as for the marketing purposes. The major Social Media Platforms are:


  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Linked In
  4. YouTube
  5. Pinterest
  6. Twitter
  7. Tumblr
  8. and on
If you get ads or being promoted in these and all related social media platforms then it is called as a “Social Media Marketing”. Don’t get confused with Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Digital Market is very big market where as Social Media is a sub set under this Digital Market. Then what is Digital Marketing. Let me give you some more information.
Digital Marketing is the place to market their products and services in the digital platforms / Online. Read again, it’s not marketing on Social Platforms but in all Digital platforms. Give some more time on this.
What are the Digital Platforms ?
  1. Affiliate Platforms like Commission Junction, earn as you perform based
  2. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
  3. Classified Platforms like Real-estates, Advertising  
  4. Knowledge Platforms like StackOverflow, 
  5. Market places like Amazon, other Shopping Places
  6. Crowd-Sourcing Platforms like Uber, AirBnB
  7. Repository Platforms like GitHub
  8. Infrastructure Platforms like AWS, GCP
  9. Search Engines like Google, Bing
  10. Media Platforms like Spotify or any other platform with subscription model
Have you got that ? Little Messy right ! Yeah I give you some more points to differentiate it from Social Media Platforms
Then Digital Marketing is marketing in all of these platforms with some analytics and playing with other elements, where I am going to tell you in the coming blogs.
What you think the market size of the Social Media Platforms? Just guess it. You know, it’s around $52.7bn in 2020 and expecting to raise upto 16.8% in the same year 2020. Shocked ! This is according to 2020 Analytics and want to know about whole Digital Media ? haha Thinking thrice No, look at the exact statistics. Digital ad is about $333bn. Yes this is the revenue generated through Digital ads. And they are expecting to get raised upto 17.6%. 
This is the opportunity my friend, go on ! You have no barriers on this Digital platform create something new. Or you can approach extension methods, like see the best one and extend it with new features. Peddle up, do digital marketing as it is in your hands, know in detailed by following me on Twitter vidhathagoud and at Blogger HashVidhatha
That’s for this blog meet you in the next one. Thanks & BYE !

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