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Traditional Marketing is dead ! Is there any scope in future ? What is traditional Marketing ?

Traditional Marketing is dead ! Is there any scope in future ? What is traditional Marketing ?

What is traditional marketing?

Simply type of marketing that isn’t online, those may be of

1. Print

2. Broadcast

3. Outdoor advertisements like billboards

4. Direct mail

5. Phone 

6. News Papers

7. Radios

Do you think Digital Marketing is the only way to convey your message. Absolutely ‘NO’. Do Traditional Marketing died? “No” see, every market has its own impact. Traditional Marketing is an old way but still it has a large amount of visibility, just check the literacy rate, you could find that illiterates are more ( India ). Ok even if the literate rate is heavy : Who are the users of this digital monster? Think you own a ‘Hotel’ provides breakfasts, meals, and snacks with a tea. Which is better to market your services, Digital or Traditional? You choose second one right. That is the matter, based on some basic things you should decide to market your services on Digital, Traditional or sometimes both. A shoe company ‘Nike’ is on digital aren’t they on traditional, they are.

This method is still a important way to market certain businesses to promote and its realistic way too. And you know this method helps reach greater audiences. You have encountered some sort of this type of marketing everyday, you got a mail or your daily newspapers. This type of marketing helps a lot to reach local audiences. Understand you are with wallposter marketing strategies, the cost is onetime right and it is long lasting, because it is physical, and the audience can also reach you easy through this kind of marketing than online marketing.

 It’s important to learn about traditional marketing before going into online marketing. Answer me one thing, that what tea powder you prefer, have you ever tried to change that brand? If Yes how frequently you change that? If No from how many days you are using it? one last question important one ” Have you ever referred your preferred tea powder brand to use? Definitely ‘Yes’ right.

The point is *The power of Reference*

Heard about Word of mouth? It is one of the greatest technique, to implement ASAP. How to implement, is so simple.

By delighting the customer. If the first client feels delighted, then definitely they gonna tell others about you and your hospitality and even they will try to impress others with their own content behalf of you. It is more than a paid advertisements of digital world or in physical. Give your best to your client and make them feel delighted.

My word is : Digital Market can’t beat Traditional for local Businesses. 

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