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Things to do Before Entering Social Media | How To: Enter the World of Social Media (Marketing) | Ultimate Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

Hi guys I’m already late here, actually I should post this on 10th but, today is 15th 😅 Ok get into the topic : Today I ” vidhatha ” wanna share you about the alerts before you get into this field #digitalmarketing Here some tips are provided to follow and gain the ranking opportunity.



Welcome to social media marketing

Here everyone can enter social platforms without any waiting’s, appointments. Just if you wanna enter go and register in the platform where you want to market your self. Haha every platform is used as a marketing one, but every field will be stick to one platform right, I’m talking about that. I will not say just go and register in every platform you see, but do follow some basic one which I’m sharing here.


Things to do before entering social media

  1. Creating a name
  2. Concentrate on bio
  3. Write exact about
  4. Be specific with category you are with

Creating name is not so big thing right ! If you think this you are wrong, simple logic if name is not important than why you are thinking a lot to name your child, as simple. Here name should be relevant and stick to the category. And be with the same name in all platforms, possibly don’t make any prefix or suffix, if the name is unavailable use relevant character.

Concentrating on bio is not so simple, see you should not just say ” Hey this is my new blog, please do follow me I will post regarding digital marketing ” No ! You should write about what you are, why you have started this, be specific about this haa ( See my bio 😜 it will go with some fun mood, but you can understand the whole intension of this blog and why to follow me )

About is a source where your prospect finds your background and the trigger point where they fix to follow or not to follow you from here, so be cautious about this and do write exact about, they can sense you if you bluff them. Our prospects are very intellectuals haha.

Once you done with the upper three, then you should specify your category, what you are under. This will help the prospect to locate you easily, and suggestions by every web crawlers are made by this specifications, so don’t let it missed

These are the basic thing you should make fixed before entering into the social media.


Ultimate Social Media Do’s & Don’ts


  1. Show some accountability
  2. Construct an engagement strategy / platform
  3. Link to relative action calls
  4. Review of all activities
  5. Feedback about your content or posts
  6. Analysis on your post impressions ( insights )


  1. Don’t deviate from the core concept
  2. No control over the activities
  3. Trying to adapt every platform
  4. Missing Consistency

I will start with do’s first, see first point is to show some accountability, here accountability is to be on specific theme you are in, and do meet every point you promised.

Construction of an engagement platform is so important as give a chance to them to contact you, or share their thoughts with you.

Linking to irrelevant action calls can kill your goodwill / brand, because neither they nor you want to get distracted from the mail concept right. So be careful here.

Review your content, posts, designs, and timing. These all can make you increase your ranking.

Analysis is must for every task, here analysis makes you to observe your activity and make you understand about your prospect perception and make necessary changes if needed. It can reduce unnecessary workout on specific task.

Don’t get deviated from the main concept you are with when you have started. I was here to guide you in digital marketing and some of graphic designing, I have never crossed or deviated the core theme.

Have some control over the activities. All the things you liked can’t be put on the platform, you should choose what to give and what to restrict, so, be alert.

Don’t try to adapt for every platform, example you are excellent with writing then stick to text sharing platforms you can share your text as a feed also, but you can’t share your text on YouTube or other video sharing platforms, so don’t try to be everywhere, do focus on single platform and re-share it on other platforms.

You know the major drawback for every one is consistency, yes it is major, disaster, harder, dangerous, ultimate and on…. haha Yeah, consistency is big matter, but it is must, when you are consistence then you will get noticed, same here you should show some consistency to get noticed by the web crawlers and make them feel that your information is some what important to show.

So these are the tips to go with while you are on social media marketing, do follow this and make your content on social media look great as a common one :

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That’s for today guys meet you in the next blog, until then make yourself place digital ..bye…..

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