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Hi !

Haha wanna beat Instagram algorithm. That’s awesome, ok if you want to beat it you can do the following things. Instagram first sees your content and searches for the best content on which the post got high reach, and also tracks your poster like what is the user reaction when every they sees your post each time on the feed.

You can try these things to grow faster! They are not so easy for newbies! But yeah you can try these,

No.1 – Be engaged with your followers on Instagram :

See in the total digital marketing works you need to be engaged with your followers, commentors, or who likes them, repost them or what evert the medium is. If they are giving any impression to your post on any of the social media platform. Be engaged give them the reply, thank them, appreciate them.

No. 2 – Quality content and relevancy matters :

Even in your business if your client gets the relevant solution and quality product, they shall reach you again and make a deal again, shall also may refer you. The same concept works here. You should maintain the content and relevancy in this Digital Marketing platform.

No. 3 – The frequency you post :

Not only Instagram for every social media the algorithm is linked with the frequency you post. So post regularly with quality content. Don’t post the things which are deviating from the core concept of your account.

No. 4 – Audit your followers :

Don’t encourage BOT followers and spammy followers. You may get the count but you shall miss the algorithm and may get’s into the block list of some users or sometimes by the Instagram itself!

In short :

  • Be engaged with your followers 
  • Quality content and relevancy matters 
  • The frequency you post 
  • Audit your followers 

Hope you can beat the Instagram now! 🙂 Bye Bye

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