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Designing impact on Digital Marketing


Hello Hashers ! What do you think, digital marketing is all about posting ! No, posting is a subset of digital marketing, but not as a whole. As I’ve said you, that DM is also about content, posting, SEO, analytics, and many more. Today’s topic is fully on designing aspects in digital marketing. Let’s get into the topic.

Guys Digital Platform is of different types, and the way you convey your message can be differ with persons. Your message can be conveyed in many ways, some of them are like :


    • Only content based 

    • Video based

    • Image based

    • GIFs 

    • And more

So, whenever you go with only content (text), you may miss some of your potential customers, because not everyone will like the static concept, thus the image based messages reaches to maximum prospects. And same with video & GIF’s.

Designing elements :

What you need to include in your designs when you go with the marketing are :


    • Your logo – For branding purpose

    • Address – For contacting you

    • Phone numbers – To consult easily

    • Mails – To make it professional 

    • And importantly your Messages

These are the basic points to include in your marketing designs. I personally recommend #ADV for that, they will make super designs for corporate companies as well as for startups. And they have reasonable prices where satisfaction is guaranteed. Visit there website for more details : or you can mail them at

Point is 

Why Instagram is successful ?

Why Facebook is successful ?

Why TikTok was successful ?

You can see a common thing that they have worked with the digital content and the designs are the major asset to their ideas.

Now you can see the impact of designs have higher impact on the process of attracting your customers. The best example is Instagram. It was a greater social media application using now, because of the single reason ” The design ” or the ” Image based content “

Give your company a branded look !

Yes, through designs your local brand also can show as a international brand, that’s the power of the designing team while you’re in digital market your company. 

Build trust through your designs !

Trust building is a greatest task, and it will partially becomes with the designing part also. When the designs are looking good then the customer feels that your site or your company is genuine and they feel that they can trust you. 

and if you go deeper you could find ” Designs are everything ” and if content acts as an addon you can be a …..

” Digital Marketer “

A simple text next to a image, which will get the greater views, just think of it. Obviously to the image right ! So, what are you waiting for, create awesome designs and make your customers feel happy and built trust towards your company and make some profits.

Some companies may loose customers because of unprofessional use of the designing segments, don’t be in that path.

” Images are the medium to convey your messages “

That’s for the today’s blog meet you in the next one, with the great content and information !

Bye guys, have a good day, be safe.

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